Trucking Cube Ensures Convenience for Customers and Logistics Vendors

How Trucking Cube (container) Ensures Convenience for Customers and Logistics Vendors?
Logistics business involves the management and inflow and outflow of goods between the place of origin and the place of consumption to fulfill the needs of customers. Three questions that lie at the core of the logistics management are “Where is the consignment?”, “When will the consignment arrive?”, and, “How the consignment is being transported?” 
One of the biggest problems faced by both corporate and household clients when it comes to moving their goods is transshipment. 
Transshipment is the transfer of consignment from one conveyance to another during transit. This exposes the shipment to a greater risk of loss or damage. For example, windshields are at risk of breakage due to loading and unloading multiple times. 
You might be thinking about the reasons for carrying out transshipment and this is actually an important thing to discuss. The inapt infrastructure in India is the major cause behind it. 
Majority of the shipments are transferred via roads in India. The National Highways constitute only 2% of the entire road network in the country and carry about 40% of total traffic. As a result, these NHs are too congested and consignment transportation counts only 1/3rd of the distance travelled in developed countries. The statistics show that the total Indian road network, which is ideal for smooth truck transportation is less than 10% and the rest is not up to the mark. The poor road quality causes mechanical problems in the vehicle, increasing the chances of transshipment. 

The list of challenges in the Logistics and transportation service sector only just ends at transshipment but there are many more, including the ones mentioned below:
• Shortage of storage and warehouse
Farm produce and Time and temperature-sensitive products come with predefined limits of temperature, which signify that they will become inconsumable if not stored at that temperature. Spoilage of such products is common during transportation as the process takes a lot of time to get completed. Therefore, there should be customized storage containers with a temperature control system to prevent oxidization and spoilage. 
Moreover, warehouse shortage and miserable condition of existing warehouses is another challenge that impacts the quality of packing and moving services. According to estimations(3.3.2), the cost of warehousing is approximately 10% of the total logistics cost. Despite this proportion, the quality of warehouses remains to be poor and ineffective. The current warehouses are not equipped with proper features like security devices, leak-proof ceilings, storage racks, etc. Additionally, there is a shortage of land in the right location and at the right rates that are ideal for warehousing purpose. 
Both customers, as well as companies, want to have a secure and personalized space for their consignment so that it reaches the final destination without any damage. 
• Space wastage in Regular Lorries
Local truck hiring for shifting goods to your new address is a costly option as you are asked to make payment for the entire space in the vehicle even if you have a lesser-volume cargo. The truck transportation service providers charge you entirely as they can’t use that particular truck for any other customers. There is no vehicle sharing facility available. 
According to Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd., a well-established moving company in India, 15% of vacant space in the trucks that remain unutilized throughout the process. This proportion leads to a loss of 18,000 Crores approximately to the industry only because of space wastage. 
We know you truly wish for an efficient solution that could cut down the cost of goods transportation. 
Introduction to Extraordinary Solution “Trucking Cube (container)”
Mr.Ramesh Agarwal, Chairman of Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. realized the requirement for a permanent answer for transshipment at the time of his interactions with clients. To find that solution, the Research and development team of APML carried out extensive research by properly understanding the logistics hurdles. The outcome of this long research is “Trucking Cube (container)”. 
Guaranteed Convenience & Safety during Good transportation
The company launched a service “Trucking Cube (container)” to ensure the safe delivery of cargo with zero transshipment and zero loss to its customers from all sectors. The container is a personalized box for a customer for shipping the goods from one place to another without involving transshipment. 
You are assured of 100% safety of your goods irrespective of their nature. The cubes are designed to the ISO standards and are fitted with safety accessories like a safety net and belts for holding the goods in place and shock-absorbent floor pad to bear shocks and impacts during movement. As you can self-lock and keep the key, zero pilferage is guaranteed. 
Move Goods with Zero Transshipment
In case of a truck breakdown, just the container is transshipped using a crane and not your belongings as they are securely locked at the pick-up point. This way the cube can be carried and transported by another carrier without transshipment. Consequently, multiple handling of goods during transit has been cut down to zero.
Technology-updated Innovation
Key technologies that are driving this concept end-to-end include global positioning systems (GPS) for tracking purpose, radio frequency identification (RFID), sensors and updated software for management of information, display, data storage, communications and control.
IT consultant at APM, Mr. Rajesh Agarwal told Economic Times that “All the trucks are intergrated with GPS technology while the cubes come with RFID tags. The combination of GPS trackers, RFID tags and various sensors gives real-time information to the firm. This assists in taking necessary and suitable action during any emergency,” 
The company’s chairman added, “Now, our clients have deep insight into their consignment’s transportation with the 100% online GPS tracking facility.”
Here is a quick link to track your cargo within a few minutes at your comfort. 

No more Hassle while Part Load Shipment
Now, you have an exclusive container for both full loads as well as a part load. The Company follows the same steps of cargo transportation for your part loads. The company has launched these protective cubes in multiple sizes ranging from 4’ to 20’. Depending on the size of your freight, you can choose a portable shipping container for your part shipment. The delightful fact is that you are charged only for the opted container size and not for the whole truck hired. 
These multiple sized containers make a smart alternative to the regular Lorries as you make zero payment for the vacant space. 
Virtual Warehousing 
The company understands this well that customers have to face a lot of problem and huge losses due to the shortage of proper warehouses. It also breaks the reputation of the company too. Therefore, trucking cubes are put to use as virtual warehouses. 
The main objective of a typical warehouse is to keep the goods secure under all circumstances. The area is under the CCTV surveillance day and night so no one can harm the customer’s belongings. With all these things in mind, APML designed virtual warehouses- Trucking Cubes. They are well-built using quality material, have enough storage space and are all-time secured with a personal lock. This ensures complete safety of the goods without any additional warehousing costs. 
Another advantage is that you can’t have a storage facility at any desired location with regular warehouses but when you move with these cubes, you can ask for a storage facility at any random location anytime. 
Wait, the company has a lot more to offer! Free-of-cost 24-hour Free Storage Facility is provided you at the destination location in these containers. This secure storage service can be availed at minimum charges for more than 24 hours. 
Protection of Products of Temperature-sensitive Nature
With the trucking cubes, there are no worries about the protection of temperature-sensitive products. The farm sector, as well as producers of pharmaceutical and chemical products, can stay tension-free during goods transportation in these cubes. For this, all credit goes to the Air-circulation system as it makes sure that air goes in and out the container and predefined temperature of such goods is maintained during transit.
Elimination of Individual Truck Hiring for Four-wheeler and Freight
Your trucking cube and car are loaded on a single flat-bed vehicle at once so you get both of them delivered at your new place together. This facility removes the requirement of hiring trucks individually for your freight and car and also reduces the cost of relocation. 
Value-Added Benefits of Trucking Cubes to the Commercial Businesses
The trucking cubes provide several value-added benefits for commercial businesses. They Inventory piling is no more an issue with this concept as corporate can dispatch the products whenever they get any order, thus dropping inventory carrying costs. In addition to this, there is also a reduction in labor costs due to flexible offsite and onsite storage and transportation facility.