How to choose the perfect floor mats for your car

Chances are you don't give much attention to your car's floor mat, but considering the amount of dirt, water, mud and slush you schlepp into your car every day, maybe you should start doing it now. A custom-fit floor mat revamps not only the interior of your vehicle but also reduces the wear & tear on your stock carpeting. 
You can make the entire procedure of choosing a perfect floor mat incredibly easy by keeping in mind the below-stated points.
Floor Mat That Fits The Car
Most of the floor mats that traditional retailers sell are "universal fit" products. It simply means that they can fit a broad range of cars - but not very well. So rather than going for ordinary floor mats, go for the customized ones that fit well in your car. 
Floor Mat That Looks Good
Floor mats come in a broad range of colors, but all of them won't look good in your car. While planning to buy a perfect floor mat for your vehicle, take a close look at the color combination, and choose the one that matches well with the interior of your car. 
Product Warranty 
Although you wouldn't want to return your car floor mat to its distributor without any solid reason, a good warranty period and easy return policy won't hurt in any way. Grab a floor mat that comes with the longer warranty period, so that you don't have to spend unnecessary money if it doesn't live up to your expectations. 
Different Types of Floor Mats
Do you like carpet floor mats, cargo liners or 'all-weather floor mats'? Which material do you prefer most - rubberized thermo-plastic, high-density tri-extruded, nylon, low-density polyethylene or rubber composite? These things matter a lot. Keep them in mind and make a call accordingly. 
Pay heed to these points whenever you decide to buy a floor mat for your car. Don't forget to check our product page for attractive cat accessories at discounted prices.