Hassle Free Relocation With Trucking Cube

Trucking Cube (container) is Crucial for Hassle-free Relocation. Learn Why!
Excitement as well as stress comes with the decision of shifting to a new home. The main thing that you need to decide is how you would take your household goods to the new home. Earlier and even now also some people engage in packing and moving activities themselves and involve their friends and family in the same. The Truck Rental Companies from whom you Hire Truck for transferring goods charge you the amount that can go beyond your budget. So, what is the way out to this thing? Well, we advise you to hire professional packers and movers and take a back seat as everything is managed by them. 
The logistics companies provide you with the best-in-class transportation services for a hassle-free relocation experience. Many people are now becoming aware of these proficient movers and hiring them as their relocation partner. This is why the Logistics and transportation sector is growing at a fast rate in recent years. This sector is a major contributor towards the growth of India. 
However, there are some pitfalls in the industry that is restricts the vendors to satisfy their clients and earn more profits for their firm and add to the GDP of India. If you’re interested to know those drawbacks of Indian logistics industry then don’t skip the next section. 

Drawbacks of Indian logistics Industry
The main blockages in the logistics and transportation industry’s growth are transshipment, poor storage, and insufficient warehouses. 
Cargo Transshipment
As road network is the predominant transportation mode for freight transfer in India- 60% road cargo traffic, the conditions of road in the country are not good. Poor road condition doesn’t allow for the smooth transportation. When goods are shipped through multimodal transportation, they need to be transferred from one truck to another vehicle (like rail or ship) due to which they get damaged. The second reason why the transshipment is carried out is the inefficiencies of the carrier. The trucks are at higher risk of mechanical issue owing to the rough surface. In the case of vehicle breakdown, the goods are transshipped. 
Poor Storage
When the ingredients of the pharmacy and food items react with oxygen during the long transit, they can become rancid. The best way to avoid rancidity of such products is the proper storage. They should be stored in a dark and cool place where they are exposed a little to free radicals and oxygen as light and heat speed up the rate of reaction of ingredients with oxygen.
The storage boxes in which such items are stored are not ideal for them due to which the food and pharma companies face a lot of problems along with the huge losses. There should be proper storage boxes with the vendors that are specifically designed for keeping and moving temperature-sensitive items.
Insufficient Warehouses
Do you know why logistics vendors are inefficient in providing you with the proper warehousing facilities? This is because of land shortage for storage and warehousing. Other than this, the present warehouses are not maintained properly. The ceilings aren’t leak proof and there are no storage racks and no CCTV camera. This condition needs to be improved for customer satisfaction and overall profitability of the firm and industry. 
Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. proactively came forward to find out a way for the above drawbacks. The chairman of the company, Mr. Ramesh Agarwal brings a smart alternative to regular carton boxes for safe storage and movement of goods that is famous as “trucking Cube (container). 
A Smart Logistical Asset
A Trucking Cubes (containers) are exceptional shipping containers with strength ideal to withstand weather or other external damages. These are reusable boxes in a shape of a cube and have plenty of space for storage of large volume of goods. They are designed to be transported from one transportation mode to another without loading and unloading multiple times/transshipment. 
Learn here how this idea of Container Trucking is profitable for you when you decide to move your goods using the cubes. 
Non-involvement of Multiple Handling of Goods 
Your goods are moved from one vehicle to another without opening the shipping container. The process is carried out in a smooth manner- the cube is picked entirely with a crane and positioned on the other vehicle. This is how loading and unloading of freight several times is eliminated in just a simple step and risk of damage is reduced or we can say it’s eliminated. 
A smart way out for Rancidity of Pharmaceutical and Food
These cubes are ventilated containers that facilitate adequate airflow that can reduce/eliminate rancidity that can happen when the temperature inside the box changes drastically. By improving the ventilation, the company provides with the safer area to store TTSPP & farm products. 
Enough Storage Space in Virtual Warehouses
The trucking cubes helped the company overcome its warehousing challenges by performing as efficient Virtual Warehouses. They play same role of warehouse buildings where goods are stored until they are ready to dispatch under the 24*7 surveillance of CCTV cameras.  In case of these cubes, your goods remain locked inside the robust container and no one can touch your valuable goods, eliminating the chances of theft. Additionally, you get a facility of portable storage for your possessions.
Due to the shortage of land for construction of warehouses, it’s impossible to set up a warehouse in all the locations. This is why trucking cubes prove to be a handy alternative to this issue. The containers are well-built, locked, and easily portable. 
Added benefit: The virtual warehouses enable the company to provide you with the complimentary goods storage facility for the period of 24 hours at the destination location. The idea behind this free-of-cost service is to help those clients who haven’t decided their new place or the construction of their new home is not yet finished.  Furthermore, the service is also provided for more than 24 hours at an economical price. 

Security & Safety Features
The main focus of the company’s representatives is on the safety of your goods therefore, they take safety measures and use safety equipment. The trucking cubes are designed according to ISO standards and are dry, clean, rodent, and weather proof for prevention of any kind of damage. Safety net, safety bets, and shock-absorbing floor pad are some of the features used by the company to bring efficiency in Trucking Services. 
The goods remain intact inside the shipping container with the safety belts and net. When truck travels on a rough road or passes by a congested area, there are high chances of damages owing to bumps and jerks. So, to avoid this problem, the floor of each container comes with high-protection floor pad with shock-absorbing feature. This padding not only keeps the goods safe throughout the movement but also maintains the quality of the cube’s floor. 
In addition to this, they are all-time locked with a lock until the final delivery is done at your doorsteps and keys are kept with you to guarantee safety during transit.
Economical Moving Solution
To provide you with an economical relocation solution, the cubes are launched in various sizes- 4’, 6’, 8’, 12’, 14’, 20’. The size chart is available for the right cube selection as you’re cost of moving is estimated based on the cube’s size. Unlike open Truck Rentals; you have to just pay for the space used by your selected trucking cube. No cost is incurred for the unoccupied space.  
Simply, pick the container that fits your container aptly. For instance; 12’ cube can be opted for storing goods of smaller spaces like 1RK (one Room Kitchen) or studio while the 20’ cube is best for 2-3-bedroom homes. 
Apart from this, the facility of shipping both vehicle and other belongings at the same time in a single truck makes moving convenient as well as economical. Now, there is no need of booking two trucks for shifting car and goods separately.
No issues in Part Load Transportation
Moving with APML is advantageous for you as you get an exclusive facility of transporting your part shipment. You don’t have to avail Full Truck Loading Services for a part load when you relocate with trucking cubes. Again, here the size chart comes handy for selection of cube for part loads. The same shipment procedure is followed by the company in this situation. 
Impacts of Trucking Cube on Transportation Service Sector Both Domestically and Internationally
Intermodal freight containers are synonymous with trucking cubes (containers) in terms of international shipping trade. This concept has reduced the international trade expenditure significantly and enhanced the speed of good transportation, particularly consumer goods. 
The company witnesses the cost reduction by 8% and the efficiency improvement by 200%. Furthermore, it takes down the cost of packaging by 15% owing to the usage of low ply.
The innovator of these cubes stressed on the fact that if this concept is incorporated by other logistics operators in the industry then there could be a rise in logistics profit of 42,000 crore yearly. Isn’t great?